Hispanic Ad Network

The AlcanceMG ‘s Advertising network consists of over 700 websites that target the Hispanic market through display, mobile or video campaigns. Whether it is IP targeting major Latin American news websites to the U.S., English-language websites with Latino-focused content or Spanish-language websites based in the U.S., our extensive network and utilization of dynamic ad-serving technology ensures that you have the most cost-effective advertising option to target US Hispanics as well as Latin America.

Premium Media Properties

  • Online
  • Video
  • Mobile

Top Ad Serving Technology

  • Double-Click
  • Mocean
  • Live Rail

Extensive Targeting Options

  • Country of Origin
  • Geographic
  • Device
  • Operating System

US Hispanic Advertising

  • One out of every six people living in the US is Hispanic (50 million).
  • 65% of U.S. Hispanics are Millenials, ages 22-35.
  • 32 million U.S Hispanics are online habitually

Advertising in Mexico and Latin America

  • Approximately 40 million habitual internet users in Mexico spend an average of 4 hrs. online per day.

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  • Telefonica

  • Blue Cross

  • Toyota

  • Socal

  • Dodge

  • PNC Bank

  • Cisco

  • UnionBank

  • Verizon

  • Aeromexico

  • McDonalds

  • Volaris

  • Sprint

  • T-Mobile

  • Disney Parks

  • Nationwide

  • Lexus

  • American Family Insurance

  • Western Union

  • Cerveza La estrella