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Advertisers & Agencies

Advertisers & Agencies

Bringing together multicultural expertise, unique publishers, programmatic & data partners to reach across platforms, Alcance Media Group helps you maximize your reach.

Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, OTT Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and more. 

Hispanic Marketing

Since 2007 Alcance Media Group has managed one of the most influential networks reaching the Hispanic market. Representing nearly 20% of the U.S. population this segment cannot be overlooked. Marketing to the Hispanic community is critical to the success of any brand.

Asian American Marketing

This multicultural segment is fast growing, yet also very unique as it represents multiple communities, languages and cultures within the United States and Canada. This is definitely a segment that must be considered in your multicultural marketing efforts.

African American Advertising

One of the most influential diversity segments, brands that have been successful in authentically reaching this diverse segment have seen the importance of connecting with the segment.

Political & Advocacy

Multicultural segments such as Hispanic, Asian, and African American Populations all have tremendous influence in national politics. From political advertising to state outreach, Alcance's political team can assist in connecting with key multicultural segments.

International Marketing

Whether a U.S. brand facing the challenges of reaching across borders to International marketers trying to promote their tourism offerings, we have helped companies successfully reach across borders in a straightforward and brand safe way.

Unique Multicultural Segments

While nationally, these communities are not mentioned often, in specific areas segments such as Native American / First Nation, Pacific Islander, and Arab American can have an outsized importance.

Marketing Across All Digital Platforms

Desktop & Mobile (Display & Video)

Consumers today are working off of multiple screens and to maximize your advertising reach it is important to reach across platforms. Excellent display & video creatives across platforms is important for any campaign strategy.

Over the Top (OTT)

From connected TV to gaming consoles, video advertising across OTT devices is increasingly important. OTT has some major advantages allowing advertisers to pay for ad views, not placement and move traditional TV buys to more efficient OTT options.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Offering multilingual SEM options, Alcance connects U.S. and International advertisers with diverse market segments. Numerous options to manage SEM ad spend and expand your reach to multicultural and international audiences.

Reach your market

Multicultural & International

From marketing automotive brands to the U.S. Hispanic market to promoting tourism to international destination Alcance Media Group con customize a solution for you. 


Experience & Technology

Since 2007 our focus has been connecting brands with multicultural segments through our network.   Leveraging this experience and the latest technology we assure success.

Real People

Brand Safety & Responsiveness

It is not enough just to get your message out there.  It is also extremely important to connect with your markets in a brand safe environment while working with a team that you can actually reach.  

Some Common Questions. But feel free to reach out and

Ask Us Anything

While we work with market segments throughout the Americas, for the U.S. & Canada: Hispanic, Asian, Black are the largest.   Additionally, we do work with other unique segments such as Native American / First Nation, Arab / Middle East and others.

Yes. Including the Hispanic market in your efforts is extremely important and is more than just language. Depending on the initiative, target and resources we are happy to share our experience and help build the appropriate strategy.

We have worked with unique campaigns for companies large and small.   A few very interesting campaign include: automotive companies (Hispanic – Machete as a car salesman for Dodge/Ram), (Native American – Opioid Addiction), (Arab American – Diabetes Awareness) as well as local family entertainment (Asian – Disney on Ice), and more.  

YES, Alcance Media Group works with top technology partners and we have the ability to integrate with most agency trading platforms.

Our company started with focus on the U.S. Hispanic market which has many links with Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.  So while we have global capabilities, our specialty working within and across borders throughout North and South America. 

There is no set minimum.  Each initiative is different and we work with clients who may be taking the first steps to those with large well developed programs.  Alcance is a great partner to communicate and help you build your multicultural marketing or international marketing program. 

While for some clients that may not have an agency or have a specific program  we may take on more of a media agency role, much of our work will be with the brand’s agency.  From assisting with an agency pitch, to working directly with a specific brand initiative we are flexible. 

We are real people with real experience.  We are flexible, responsive, concerned with brand safety and results.  Reach out, and a real person will be there to help. 

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