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Outreach to Indigenous – Native Communities

Marketing and Communication with Indigenous communities offers many challenges, however especially for governments, outreach to these communities is very important.

Even in naming reference to the community there are differences.  For example: United States – Native American | Canada – First Nations | Latin America – indígena.

In the United States the Native American population of 6.8 million (2.1 % of the U.S. population) is spread out across the country, with California, Arizona and Oklahoma being the most populous and Alaska having the highest percentage (13.1%).

In Canada the First Nations community is near 4% of the population with 40% of peoples living on reserves and with it the challenges of high unemployment rate and other issues of concern to the government.

While in Latin America indigenous populations represent approximately 50 million people belonging to 500 different ethnic groups.  With the largest populations in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia, there are numerous challenges for both the community and governments to communicate effectively.

Alcance Media Group has worked with government organizations to assist in outreach to indigenous communities and are interested in assisting yours where possible.

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